The Human Fund

The Human Fund - Seinfeld

"The Human Fund" is a fake charity used by George Costanza. After getting a similar gift from his friend Tim Whatley, George gave out cards to his co-workers stating that a donation had been made to a charity called "The Human Fund", with the slogan, "Money For People."

George: Hey, check this out. I gotta give out Christmas presents to everyone down at Kruger, so I'm pulling a Whatley. (Gives a Christmas card to Jerry)
Jerry: (Reading it) "A donation has been made in your name to the Human Fund." - What is that?
George: (With pride) Made it up.
Jerry: (Continuing reading) "The Human Fund. Money for people."
George: What do you think?
Jerry: It has a certain understated stupidity.

It was such a good scam Mr. Kruger, George's boss, gave him a company check for $20,000 made out to "The Human Fund." Later, after the accounting department informed Kruger that "The Human Fund" didn't exist, he accused George of misleading him. George claimed he had made up the charity because his family celebrated Festivus, which created a chain of events that caused George to invite Kruger to his father's Festivus celebration.

Origin of the "Human Fund"

Seinfeld writer Jeff Schafer has said that the invention of the Human Fund was based on real life events. “Every year we would get a Christmas card from Castle Rock,” Schafer reported. Apparently, Castle Rock’s card also had the phrase, “A donation was made in your name…” Schafer actually used this phrase as the stimulus to write the Human Fund gag into “The Strike”. (From Festivus! The Book)

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