Festivus Party Ideas

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The traditional date of Festivus is December 23. However, many people do not worry about having it on the "official" date. Plan your Festivus Party for any day in December, or any other day of the year for that matter.

Fun Festivus Party Ideas

Regift Exchange: Instead of going out and buying gifts to exchange, tell everyone to bring a REGIFT item, which is to say that you take a gift that has been received in the past, rewrap it and bring it to the party. Of course the idea of a regift is another Seinfeldism taken from the episode "The Label Maker". Sometimes the worse the gift the more the fun. The exchange could be done using our Fun re-Gift Exchange Script, which can often make it all the more fun and interactive.

Seinfeld Potluck: Ask your guests to bring food items of their choice, but the food should have some connection to the Seinfeld series. There can be a lot of creativity and fun had trying to figure out a good dish made with "Hampton Tomatoes", or you could bring a big bowl of "Lobster Bisque" or a bag of "Calzone". We have some suggestions on our Festivus Dinner page.

Seinfeld Costume Party: Guests are asked to dress up as a character from Seinfeld. Of course this is a lot more work for the guests but the results will pay off in hilarity.

Airing of Grievances: In the traditional Costanza Festivus, it is the time of year to tell friends and family about how they disappointed you in the year's past. This can be fun and dangerous. Who doesn't like complaining about people? Just remember it is probably not the time or place to get too personal. If you like, you can put everyone's grievances in a hat or a sack (Stuff your sorries in a sack, Mister!) and read them out anonymously.

Feats of Strength: The traditional Feats of Strength take place after the Airing of Gryuevances, and usually between the head of the household and a guest of choice. The head of household must be wrestled to the ground and pinned. While it may be fun idea, the traditional Feats of Strength could be damaging to people, not to mention furniture and household appliances. We have a collection of good alternatives to feats of strength on our Feats of Strength Page

Other fun ideas from "Festivus! The Book": Seinfeld Trivia, Seinfeld themed party favours, Elaine-style dance off, Kramer entrance contest, George Costanza thickest wallet contest, ugly sweater contest, puffy shirt party...


Any good Festivus party must be rife with Seinfeldisms. For example, any guest's conversation should always be quickly directed to a Seinfeld reference:

Guest: They opened a new Chinese Restaurant in my neighborhood
Host: Do they make you wait forever, then call out Cartwright when there is a table open?
Guest:(Strange look)

Guest:: I brought my car into the shop
Host: Did the mechanic kidnap it and then drive it to Michigan?
Guest:(Strange look)

Guest: I have a new mailman
Host: Is he addicted to Chunky Bars and Kenny Rogers chicken?
Guest: (Strange look)

If the guests at your party are not Seinfeld fans, after the party is over they should either have become Seinfeld fans or hate Seinfeld forever.