Poles, Poles, Poles

Every year we like to take a look at social media to see how the world is preparing for Festivus. This year, Instagram didn’t disappoint, as we found plenty of evidence people were decking the halls with aluminum poles.  Happy Festivus!

Deanna has coupled her high strength-to-weight ratio pole with a portrait of Kramer.  It’s kind of like “Festivus” meets “Festivus Miracle.”


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Was feeling festive so the Christmas decor went up early. #festivuspole #afestivusfortherestofus

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Charles keeps his fine-looking Festivus pole by the fire, to keep it warm, and to keep it safe (because the samurai swords are also kept there.)

Bryant posted a photo of the Festivus pole at work, which is placed alongside displays featuring other major holidays.  Please note the Festivus pole is first in line. Clearly, a Festivus miracle.

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Work has the three major holidays represented. #christmastree #hannukahmenorah #festivuspole

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It’s the first Festivus for the Poirier boys!


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Happy #festivus from the Poirier boys!

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Here is a wonderfully happy gang who have already celebrated their ninth annual Festivus party. PS. Nice looking pole.

Jodi erected a quaint little pole to give her house some Festivus spirit. It worked!


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It feels so festive in here now #festivuspole #holidaydecorations

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Thanks to all who share their photos on Instagram!

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