Get that pole from the crawlspace. Festivus is nigh!

It’s only five days to Festivus! Let’s see how some of our Facebook visitors are preparing for their favorite holiday.

First, get some Festivus tuneage playing…

Dave DeSloover gets pumped for Festivus by listening to The Festivus Song by The Express Local on SoundCloud. Take a listen for some Festivus cheer!


Get that pole from the crawlspace

Chris Green gives us a peek of his crawlspace. It’s full of everything and a pole! Frank Costanza would be so proud!

… and out of that, a pole was born! It’s a beauty! Thanks for posting a before and after pic Chris!

Feats of Strength Training II

A quick and dirty Feats of Strength training video. This instructional video is so on point we didn’t even ask to see “Feats of Strength Training I.” You don’t need it! You can start with part II.

“Be fully trained before your guests arrive. It’s not how hard Festivus can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

It’s a pole, it’s a pole, it’s a pole…🎶

Finally, Renee has placed the pole in a place where it can guard the house. It’s high strength-to-weight ratio is a beacon of safety to all who reside within the residence. Even the stuffed animals find safety near the pole. Happy Festivus!

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