It’s the 20th Anniversary of Festivus All Around the World!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the airing of the Seinfeld episode “The Strike” and Festivus has invaded popular culture in a way nobody could have predicted.

Today, instead of the our favorite fictional Seinfeld characters expounding the virtues of Festivus, we have real people, worldwide, doing the same!


Clark Linderman reports the airing of grievances have been happening all week long, and now the kids are ready for a meatloaf feast… and more grievances.  We think they can take you Clark.


Marisa St. Clair‎ wishes everyone a Happy Festivus as her beloved pooch guards the pole. He/she is really on the job! Sure hope nobody tries to break in and steal the pole.


Just like Frank Costanza, ‎Mark Barnier‎ from Newcastle, NSW, Australia, reports that Festivus is back and he’s got the pole out of the crawl space.  Frank approves!


Cynthia Amoruso‎ of University Park, FL, reports, despite the obvious leg-up in strength-to-weight ratio, she did not win the office decoration contest though.  That’s a shame.


Raphael Charlier wishes everyone a Happy Festivus! Nice looking pole. We find your belief system fascinating.


Benjamin Holstine‎ of Green Bay, WI, has prepared appropriate signage for tonight’s Packers vs Vikings game tonight at Lambeau Field.  We love it!

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  1. M.S. Walker
    M.S. Walker at · · Reply

    Here is our Festivus pole.
    It was pulled out of the debris left by Hurricane Maria, at the Bassin
    Finca, in beautiful down town Puerto Rico.

    (Left to Right)Bob the Diver, f.pole, Myself.