It’s a pole, It’s a pole, It’s a pole!

With only 12 days remaining until Festivus, the pics of Festivus poles are piling up on our Facebook page. Here is a small sample of what people have recently shared, some beautiful, some gnarly, all with varying degrees of distraction.


‎Jolly Ashley‎ reported they are ready to celebrate Festivus in New Zealand. We’d say he’s probably ready for a number of things with a gnarly pole like that.


Greg Becker‎ from Jupiter, Florida, posted a pic of his pole and reinforced how he finds tinsel to be too distracting. This is a nice setup… you can bask in the strength-to-weight ratio of the pole while you are watching television and not be distracted by random tinsel.


Arlene Silvia‎ from Walton, Florida claims they are ready for Festivus. Yes they are! What a splendidly tall pole. It’s beautiful!


Simon Feldheim‎ from Swan Point, Tasmania, Australia also claims to be ready for Festivus.  Of course, Festivus arrives in Australia before anywhere else, so it is best to be ready!


‎Lastly, Doug Gardner‎ posted a photo of a pole shaped Christmas ornament, and wondered if it makes his family “mixed faith”, since they celebrate both Festivus and Christmas. Honestly, there are plenty of people that celebrate Festivus and still keep their Christmas traditions intact. Remember, Festivus is the holiday “for the rest of us”, which means you do what you want and not what others say you should do. Happy Festivus!

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey at · · Reply

    I am beginning to honestly hate the commercialization of Christmas so Festivus is sounding better every year. One question about the pole though. In place of an actual pole, could an aluminum baseball bat be substituted?

  2. Wilmar Muñoz
    Wilmar Muñoz at · · Reply

    So many nice poles ;3