It’s Festivus all around the World

It’s the 22th anniversary of the airing of the Seinfeld episode “The Strike” and Festivus continues to invade popular culture in way nobody could have predicted. Today, instead of the our favorite fictional Seinfeld characters expounding the virtues of Festivus, we have real people, worldwide, doing the same!

Here are some photos that were posted to our Facebook Page “I Celebrate Festivus” today.


‎Leonie Evans Burrows‎ from Sydney Australia wishes everyone a Happy Festivus! He also wants to point out that a one-eyed cockatoo named Winky perched on the Festivus pole. It’s a Festivus Miracle!


Tom Schmidt‎ feels that having a super-sized Festivus pole identifies himself as a person who has plenty of grievances to air. Happy Festivus!!!!!!!


Anthony F. Barsanti‎ reports that his local Home Depot has set up a special sale rack. Another Festivus Miracle!


A smiling Jessica Edwards‎ is ready for Festivus with a talking Festivus pole and other special Festivus accouterments. Happy Festivus Jessica!


David wanted to share a perfect photo of his perfect Festivus dish. Another Festivus Miracle!


Amy Prevot Kamm‎ from Lenexa, Kansas has posted a picture of her Festivus pole, situated right in the middle of her living room… and presiding over all other holiday decorations.  Just look at the strength-to-weight ratio of that pole! I find her belief system to be fascinating.


Raph Charlier‎ is ready for Festivus, but I can’t help but wonder what is behind the curtain?


‎Michael Burns‎ wishes everyone a Happy Festivus from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia where they celebrated what they believe to be the 2nd ever Festivus on Bali with a bamboo pole (strength to weight ratio far better than aluminum), a vegan feast (all lettuce, no meatloaf), feats of strength (thumb wrestling tournament, Bad Elaine dance contest, Kramer door entrance contest), and a late night acoustic jam. Happy Festivus Bali!


Finally, ‎Don Watson‎ leaves us with a poem and a photo. Something to further whet our Festivus appetite.

T’was the Night before Festivus

All through the house, twas the night before FESTIVUS.
Not a creature was stirring, just the cat and the rest of us.
The laundry was hung by the chimney with care.
On a line from the fire, attached to the stair.
The children were farmed out to the grandparents beds
Where FESTIVUS fairies danced in their heads.
Mama with the ketchup and me with the fries,
We settled in by the fire while everything dries.
When out by the lawn pole, there arose such a clatter
I sprang up from the fire to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a spark,
Tore open the window and peered through the dark.
When what to my curious eyes should appear?
My two griping neighbors, riding John Deere.
With both these ol’ fellows not moving to quick,
I thought shots of Wild Turkey might do the trick.
More rapid than beagles attacking their dinner,
They whistled and shouted and called out the sinner.
Stop Dashing, Stop Dancing, Stop prancing around,
Stop commenting, kissing, Stop making a sound.
And quick as it started, all griping soon ended,
Last shots of vodka, with both elbows bended.
Two men in their PJ’s, and both sporting plaid.
Grateful for FESTIVUS, least the one they just had.
Now laying a finger and finding his nose,
to their feet, very slowly, both of them rose.
From the tractor start line they left with a beep.
Racing off into darkness, home and to sleep.
But I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight,
FESTIVUS for the rest of us, to all others Good Night.
by Don Watson, Artist

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