The Festivus Podcast Episode 3 – Michael Burns and the Story of the First Festivus Pole

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Michael Burns is one of the forefathers of Seinfeld Festivus. As a grip on the last season of Seinfeld, Michael was the person responsible for erecting Frank’s Festivus Pole on the set of the show. In this episode, Michael shares stories about what it was like working on “The Strike” and the final season of Seinfeld. Currently, Michael works as a Storyteller, Digital Marketing Copywriter, Brand Strategist, Multichannel Creative, Consultant, Speaker, and Comedy Performer – running his business remotely while living in Bali, where he held what is believed to be the island’s 1st Festivus celebration in 2016. He wishes all of you a “Happy Festivus!”

Music by Serolillo [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons.

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