Airing of Grievances – Festivus 2017

Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe… … I lost my train of thought.

Air Your Grievances!  It’s Festivus time and this is the place to let it fly.

Sorry. Grievances are now closed.

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  1. No Need For A Name.
    No Need For A Name. at ·

    Time for MY Festivus Airing Of Grievances.
    Well,then,…here goes nothing!

    Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania,U.S.A.!
    Home of Punxsutawney Phil!

    There is several things in common with both of them.
    Firstly,both have gotten pretty darn old.
    Secondly,the people of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania,U.S.A.
    are about as dumb as the people of the states of,…FLORIDA!,….
    And California,home of,….HOLLYWOOD!
    And last but not least,both suck as much as Ajit Pai,
    The Trump Administration,and some of the people of,…
    “The Modern World”,…Do!

    And I may be almost mostly an Atheist,but,…
    For,…”this”,…one time only,…
    For giving me the awesome common sense that
    I am proud to have now until the end of my life,…THANK,…YOU,…”GOD”!

    Aaaaah,yeah! 2-SWEET! Oh-ho! Iiiii’m too much! Peace out,bozos!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I’m fed up with government-worshiping MORONS who believe that so-called “net neutrality”, ie, imposing the stifling hand of government regulation, would somehow improve the internet. On second thought, calling them MORONS is too generous- they are IDIOTS! Thank God it’s been repealed before it had time to do too much damage!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I was part of A FB Christmas exchange. My “partner” asked me about likes and dislikes. By December 17th I realized I wasn’t getting anything until she got something from me.I sent: A mug relating to our specific group focus, homemade Cocoa mix, homemade cookies, homemade marshmallows, a necklace made by my niece, cds also pertaining to our groups focus, and a tee shirt from my hometown. It cost me $17 to ship. I just got her gift. A book directly from Amazon no card, no nothing! They say it’s the thought that counts….well, that THOUGHT spoke volume!!!!

  4. Brian Hood
    Brian Hood at ·

    Let us begin with my Sister, who has a who has a perfect 53 year run of self absorption and materialism. For instance, when you made fun of the people of Bali for being poor.
    Your husband is a great guy who does all the right things and you constantly talk down to him, in an attempt to conceal your inadequacies. Shallow and stupid is your lot.
    My dear Brother, since your Father has there never been a bigger coward than you. For years you made family gatherings tolerable until you wouldn’t, couldn’t or just didn’t.
    My wonderful Mother, who has told me so many lies about situations surrounding by birth my birth that I should have my own comic book. That you burned half of my family before I could even speak shows why your other son is afraid of you. Your treatment of my adopted Father taught your daughter everything she knows. I hope you live to be 111 and all of your children including me, pass before you.

  5. Kelly Ann
    Kelly Ann at ·

    My grievance is that my family doesn’t celebrate Festivus and all of my grievances are with them, and Republicans.

  6. Juanita
    Juanita at ·

    I hate my insurance for not paying my allergist bill! I’m stuck with a $2,300 bill! My cat brought me a disgusting Christmas present: a dead bird. Half of my outdoor Xmas lights burnt out already. The weather is bitter cold and we have to travel for the holidays. I quit a lousy job only to find out this new job I took is even worse! A month in and I’m ready to quit. Sick of hearing and talking about narcissist Trump. Those are my grievances. You happy????

  7. Esmerelda
    Esmerelda at ·

    Successful business people who think because they made a lot of money that, that means they know how to “fix” health care, public schools, and the government. Really? Next they will think they can do brain surgery and talk to dead people.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    When my cat licks my bagels!

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at ·

      Me too

  9. It Doesn't Matter What My Name Is!!!!!
    It Doesn't Matter What My Name Is!!!!! at ·

    I have BIG problems with some people! And now I will let all of you
    know about it,for I shall now participate in,…The Airing Of Grievances.
    Well,then,…here come MY grievances,and YOU will know of them NOW!

    Ajit Pai should not have gone through with his Net Neutrality Repeal decision,but he did it,anyway,…And not only am I disappointed in him,…
    The F.C.C. and The U.S. Government has disappointed both me and the people of The United States of America. Shame on them,…shame on them all.

    Modern Society and Humanity have disappointed me greatly as well for reasons that I REFUSE to disclose.

    And I am gravely disappointed in my own dead mother!,…How dare she leave me behind on,…”This!”,…Messsed up world.

    There! My grievances have been aired! ARE YOU FREAKING HAPPY NOW?

    Happy Festivus,You Filthy Animals. And by the way,….
    I just,…”ROASTED”,…your,…butts!!!!!

  10. SuperSupportiveDAD
    SuperSupportiveDAD at ·

    Okay, so the President signed a new tax reform/cut bill, effective 1/1/18… single (noncustodial) dad who pays child support expects to receive a fair shake on the tax break. How is that possible if the custodial parent(s) get all the child credits ? I am miffed at the narrow-minded Rubio who forgot about dads who pay for child support.

  11. Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey at ·

    My son and I work at the same office, and have since 2004. He is constantly stealing pens off of my desk!! I haven’t been able to physically catch him doing it, but I know it’s him. The pens are office supplied so there’s no out-of-pocket expenses. It’s just a pain in the butt.

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I’m going to need TWO poles this year thanks to congress

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I miss Futurama!

  14. A self-proclaimed nice person
    A self-proclaimed nice person at ·

    Fox News aiding and abetting Republicans’ kleptocracy

  15. A self-proclaimed nice person
    A self-proclaimed nice person at ·

    People who are not nice

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I don’t like Trump, but shut up about it already. Don’t act like you wait till Festivus to make your voice heard.

  17. Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton at ·

    My grievance–Donald Trump!

  18. Not Hillary
    Not Hillary at ·

    The president.

    Nuff said.

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    My brother keeps “borrowing” my stuff

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