A Festivus for All of Us!

It’s Festivus Day 2018 and we wanted to take a moment to document some of the activity we are seeing online. Festivus is all around us! Just sit back and scroll through our post.

Jerry Seinfeld Wishes Everyone a Happy Festivus

On Festivus day, Jerry posted this on his Facebook page:

I love this Festivus display our great friends at Sony in Culver City have set up.
What I love most about Festivus is the great speech we wrote for Jerry Stiller telling the story and they’ve done a beautiful job laying it out graphically.
I still remember quite well how we wrote it.
Like any good piece of comedy there is not one wasted word and a lot of story is compressed into just a few sentences.
My favorites are:
“I went to buy a doll for my son”
“As I rained blows upon him”
So informative of the strange relationship George and his Father seemed to have. Affectionate yet explosive at any moment.\
Anyway, love that even in 2018,
“Festivus rolls on..”
Thanks to Dan O’Keefe and Happy Festivus everybody!

Hennigan’s and Meatloaf

Brian Sheeper Train‎ from Kentucky reported that a glass of Hennigan’s goes well when paired with traditional Festivus meatloaf. Mmmmm… looks good! Also, Hennigan’s is the no-smell, no-tell scotch; an added bonus!

A Rockin’ Good Bolivian Festivus

Alberto Maldonado Claure‎ from Cochabamba, Bolivia wishes everyone a Happy Festivus from his “Rock Bar.” He’s surely having a rockin’ good Festivus with that much liquor on hand.

Long Time Festivus in San Diego

Matthew and Angie Henderson report that they and their San Diego friends have been celebrating Festivus together for nine years, and Matthew has been participating in Festivus for fifteen years. What a great looking happy bunch of Festivusites!  So much joy can be only be achieved by the airing of grievances. Also, an apparent gift of Festivus salami may have added to the group’s good cheer.

A Very Topping Festivus

Cathy Topping from Florida does a Festivus party with style. Custom tee-shirts, special Festivus beer shipped in from Pittsburgh, and a wonderfully crafted custom photo booth. It’s another Festivus miracle! She wishes everyone a Happy Festivus!

From Russia with Festivus Love

Christopher Robert sent us a Festivus photo wishing everyone a “Hello” from Russia We think the youngster is holding a sign that says “Festivus.” What else would it be saying?

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  1. Marty hurst
    Marty hurst at · · Reply

    Enjoyed the topping festivus in florida, hope to celebrate many more.

  2. Yasmina Thomas
    Yasmina Thomas at · · Reply

    My new favorite holiday!