The Kristof Family Festivus, Zapresic, Croatia

Tomislav collects his Festivus Pole

For the past four years, Festivus has been an annual event for Tomislav Krištof and his wife Valeria from Zapresic, Croatia. However, this year is even more special as it is the first Festivus for his 3-month old son, Ignac.

Valeria and 3-month old Ignac.

Tomislav is a huge Seinfeld fan, and often watches Seinfeld reruns on Croatian television. Clearly, this fuels his desire for Festivus.

“Festivus usually consists of dinner and then a party without children with our friends,” Tomislav explained. “This year my wife will try to make meatloaf.”

Aside from a traditional unadorned Festivus pole Tomislav defined which elements of Festivus that they tried to include: “Just airing of grievance… and having a good time of course!”

This year, after dinner, the adults plan to head off to a local watering hole to finish the evening. “Party is in ‘Bar Brlog’,” Tomislav said. “In English, it means the ‘bear cave’.”

Just like many Festivus celebrators, there is still an element of a more traditional holiday in the lives of Tomislav and his family. “We still celebrate Christmas,” Tomislav was sure to add.

Happy Festivus Tomislav, Valeria and Ignac, and Merry Christmas as well!

The board at ‘Bar Brlog’ promotes a “Festivus for the Rest of Us”

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3 Responses

  1. Andro
    Andro at · · Reply

    Sljedeće godine moramo napraviti veliki Festivus jer ova diskriminacija drugih i drugačijih nema smisla. Veliki pozdrav Krištofima i svim ostalim ostalima (all the other rest of us) sretan Festivus! Vidimo se sljedeće godine 🙂

  2. Marko
    Marko at · · Reply

    Luckily, Festivus fall on Friday so that the Croats can connect long weekend. Of course, the Croats who celebrate Festivus. For others, bad luck next time also.

  3. Marko
    Marko at · · Reply

    All the best for festivus celebration. Congratulations for Festivus Pole collecting uniform. Also congratulations on choosing the uniforms of small Ignac and his name.
    I kak bi u Hrvatskoj rekli; “happpi 23ći!”