A Rollicking Good Festivus in Eugene, Oregon

The 2015 Festivus event even came with its own promo video.

For Eugene, Oregon resident Dan Koss, Festivus represents a rollicking good time surrounded by amazing friends. For the past five years he and a group of like-minded individuals have gotten together for a traditional Festivus party.

A photo collage of the Festivus group over the years. Please note, Dan is not sure what happened to the 2012 photo. “I think pictures just weren’t taken,” Dan said. (Must have been the Festi-juice.)

“Most of the same people, same pole, same garage,” Dan explained. “We try to hold it the weekend before Christmas, or on the 23rd of December. This year we’re hosting it the weekend before the 23rd.”

Over the years, the size of the celebration has grown. This is evident in a collage of group photos put together by Dan, who describes his group as a mix of Seinfeld fans and Festivus fans. “We’re a mix of both,” Dan said. “But all of us enjoy Seinfeld.”

Like Frank Costanza, Dan and his friends try to welcome newcomers to the party. In fact, last year they had a mystery guest, an older gentleman who turned out to be a friend of a friend. The situation climaxed when the man’s wife appeared, admonished him for being with a younger woman and then dragged him home! (Apparently, this is what an average Saturday night in Eugene is like.)

When asked about the details of the annual event Dan explained, “Our special food is usually Taco Bell, and our Airing of Grievances is sometimes improvised, but some people (like myself) come prepared with a pre-written list. The past three years has been arm wrestling for the feats of strength, although one of them ended up being actual wrestling between two drunk brothers.”

Dan also described how last year’s celebration included liberal helpings of a libation he named “Festi-juice”. This may explain the drunken brother wrestling.

For this year’s celebration, Dan has already created a video promo and he’s been preparing a few new innovations. “I’m planning on making a Festivus trophy for the feats of strength this year, which may be in the form of a foosball tournament,” Dan said.

Keep in mind that it will always be the “people” that makes for a successful Festivus. It looks like Dan and his friends have all the ingredients for a fun time for years to come. Happy Festivus!

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  1. Happy Festivus Eve
    Happy Festivus Eve at ·

    […] Facebook, Daniel Koss posted a photo of his recent Festivus party where the faces of the main characters of Seinfeld also […]

  2. Brett Stanley
    Brett Stanley at · · Reply

    I took some of those pictures and demand photo credit! Yet another grievance this year!

  3. Dan Koss
    Dan Koss at · · Reply

    Thank you for this well-written expose on our annual event! It’s not just an event for us though, it’s a symbolic holiday for all disenfranchised , but festive folk around the world. A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US!