December 2015

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Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus! I hope your Festivus is filled with grievances and completely buoyed by the strength-to-weight ratio of your aluminum pole. Here is a small taste of what is happening in the world of Festivus 2015:   On his wife’s Instagram, Jerry Seinfeld was almost heard to utter a single grievance… A special message on this…

It’s a Miracle Filled Festivus Eve

It's a Miracle Filled Festivus Eve

Karen Rogers sent a beautiful photo of a Festivus pole at the Kalapana lava field in Hawaii. She is lucky enough to spend December on the big island of Hawaii… still Festivus is not forgotten.       Mims Friedman Mast posted “Minimalist Festivus greetings” from the House of Mast in Atlantic County New Jersey. Another Festivus…

Are You Ready to Air Your Grievances?

Are You Ready to Air Your Grievances?

Today is Festivus Eve and the day of complaining is nigh.  Are you ready to sing out your grumbles? If you are Frank Costanza the Airing of Grievances normally begins with Festivus dinner.  However, many people let their grievances fly all day long.  Why not? People normally complain when their dissatisfaction reaches some sort of critical…

It’s a Pole, It’s a Pole, It’s a Pole

It's a Pole, It's a Pole, It's a Pole

With only 17 days remaining until Festivus, we are discovering Festivus poles are appearing here, there and everywhere. Here is a small sample of what we’ve seen! On Facebook, Sara Alice from Colorado Springs submitted a photo of her Festivus pole, and it’s a five-foot beauty with a home-made base. “This is how we decided to decorate…