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The Human Fund

"The Human Fund" is a fake charity used by George Costanza. After getting a similar gift from his friend Tim Whatley, George gives out cards to his co-workers stating that a donation had been made to a charity called "The Human Fund", with the slogan, "Money For People".

George: Hey, check this out. I gotta give out Christmas presents to everyone down at Kruger, so I'm pulling a Whatley. (Gives a Christmas card to Jerry)
Jerry: (Reading it) "A donation has been made in your name to the Human Fund." - What is that?
George: (With pride) Made it up.
Jerry: (Continuing reading) "The Human Fund. Money for people."
George: What do you think?
Jerry: It has a certain understated stupidity.

It was such a good scam that George's boss, Mr. Kruger gave George a company check for $20,000 to "The Human Fund". Later, the accounting department informed Kruger the charity doesn't exist, causing a chain of events that sees George to invite Kruger to his father's Festivus celebration.

Downloadable and Printable Human Fund Cards (PDF)

Unlike a "Human Fund gift" we are giving you something fun and useful. Downloadable Human Fund cards!

Each download is a PDF of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of 10 cards. Just print them out on Avery Business Card perforated stock or plain card stock. Trim them up, give them out, and your holiday shopping is done. (No need to go doll shopping for your son!)

Human Fund Card Human Fund Card