Round and Round the Festivus Pole

It’s Friday and there’s only 11 days to Festivus!  We’d like to take a little time and do a roundup of what is going on in realm of Festivus.

First order of business!  We’ve got more poles to show you!  Second order of business is dessert!  PS. It’s down at the bottom of the page if you’re hungry now.

carl malmquist
Facebook user Carl Malmquist is so very proud of his pole! Surely, it is a fine pole and I have no problem showing it!  It’s unadorned and made of aluminum, It’s a pole! It’s a pole! It’s a pole!


daniel garcia
A nice lookin’ pole posted by Daniel Garcia on Twitter. It’s a home made beauty with a nice note for the uninformed.  Cost of the pole = $0.  Festivus cheer expressed = $Priceless.


Twitter user Eric Rautenstrauch, from Attleboro, MA, posted a pic of his fancy untippable pole. Apparently, Eric is also a fan of hockey played on half a rink and fancy footballs from defunct football leagues. There must be a USFL football around there as well.


Stacy Taylor
On Twitter, Stacy Taylor has posted a pic of the pole at work. Tis’ an excellent pole, full of Festivus cheer and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

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One Response

  1. Buster-the-Duster
    Buster-the-Duster at · · Reply

    Hey Mark,

    Thanx for the great pix of the Festivus poles!!! On my monitor they all look like mighty fine aluminum poles! They are all real straight, with a nice bright finish! From what I can tell, it certainly appears that they all have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. I’ll bet that they cost next to nothing, too. Good job!

    As I was struggling to set up our own Festivus pole last evening in preparation for today’s Festivus festivities, our dog reached up on to the kitchen counter and purloined the carefully arranged plate of meatloaf and spaghetti/lettuce (we weren’t quite sure, either) which we had prepared for our anticipated Festivus meal later this evening. (We had set it out a day ahead of time so that we wouldn’t forget to do so in all the excitement of the party.) So instead, it looks like for tonight’s Festivus meal we’re having Mystery Meat served on a bed of drained canned Popeye spinach alongside of stale Ramen noodles. That’s pretty much all the food we have in the pantry right now, and I adamantly refuse to spend good $$$ buying new food at this time of year when we need to finish off the stuff that we’ve been avoiding eating all year long!!!!!!

    I can feel the spirit of the long anticipated “Airing of Grievances” welling up inside of me right now!!! I really can’t wait until this evening’s Festivus meal to start, so…

    At this point I gotta get it off my chest and tell you that it REALLY pi$$ed me off when your slide show kept auto-scrolling to the next slide, and I couldn’t get it to stop on any one pix long enough for me to be able to enjoy the full beauty of the placement of the Festivus pole OR to read the insightful commentary about any particular pix!!! I mean…COME ON…what could you possibly have been thinking when you set up the slide show to do that to me!!!???!!! Were you blotto-ed after finishing-off your third bottle of “Seedless Red #4” drinking out of a Mason jar all the while munching on stolen Cat Nip or what??? For all the time that we have known each other, I have always assumed that you had more common sense than that!!! The things that you learn about other people!!!! It boggles the mind to think that you wouldn’t have leaned better by now!!! Get out you Library card and go down and take out a book on the subject!!!

    [It reminds me of what Groucho Marx once said, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx]

    I was going to invite you to partake in this year’s “Feets of Strength”, but after that fatal lapse of yours, I need to reconsider the invitation!!! I wouldn’t hold my breath though if I were you…unless not breathing for a real long time is your particular “Feat of Strength”!!! ;))

    Get your act together and I’ll see about reconsidering the invitation next year!!!

    Remember: “It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!” [yada yada yada]