It’s Festivus All Around the World

Happy Festivus! I hope your Festivus is filled with grievances and completely buoyed by the strength-to-weight ratio of your aluminum pole.

Here is a small taste of what is happening in the world of Festivus 2016:


Rune Johansen would like to wish everyone a “Happy Festivus” from Norway. He has sent a photo of his Festivus pole, which has a base made from a “Super Duplex Subsea Hydraulic Receptacle”. He adds, “With the oil prices dropping low this is all it’s good for now. So someone will get it at the Airing of Grievances tonight.” I sense a very high strength-to-weight ratio with this one.


‎Victoria Cushing‎ from Melbourne, Australia shared a photo of their trusty Festivus Pole, made with love by their (then) 7-year old son. That’s the beauty of Festivus poles, they last forever.


Jason Millett from Atlanta, Georgia posted a photo of his daughter helping to prepare the traditional Festivus meatloaf. He wishes everyone a “Happy Festivus” and looks forward to the airing of the grievances which begins in a few hours.


Lisa Ann Genetempo-Graziose‎ and her family from from Townsend, Delaware wish everyone a Happy Festivus!


Andrew Dally from Wales, United Kingdom posted a photo of his Festivus pole which he recently retrieved from the crawl space and then “proudly erected”. Andrew has a message for everyone: “Tinsel IS distracting!” Later, he plans on sitting down to a meatloaf dinner.


Andres Elviejo‎I from Columbia wishes everyone a Happy Festivus and has sent a photo of his stylishly dressed Festivus pole.


Greg Gonzales from Baltimore, Maryland wishes everyone a Happy Festivus and has posted a photo of himself and his two Festivus poles. A small one for every day use and then a much larger one that he keeps “swaddled” until the Cowboys hit the field. Then it’s on!


Lastly ‎Leonie Evans Burrows‎ from Bundeena, NSW, Australia reports that the Feats of Strength have been held. Jack teamed up with Tyson the dog and pinned the old man in 10 seconds, who is starting a new Festivus tradition of wearing a pith helmet while being pinned.


Happy Festivus everyone! Thanks for sharing.


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3 Responses

  1. Andy Pisani
    Andy Pisani at · · Reply

    The Pisani Family wish everyone a happy Festivus. The meatloaf was cold , the lettuce was wilty and the tinsel very distracting. Valerie was pinned during the feats of strength and once again I was victorious

  2. Paul Gracey
    Paul Gracey at · · Reply

    While my Festivus pole came with a modicum of decoration(too much like work to remove the eyebolt it already had when found in the garage) I consider it appropriate representation of the link to “the rest of us”.
    Tinsel, I might note, is actually meant to be distracting…. to radar detection of aircraft. It was, I think, leftover ‘Chaff” from WWII that began the widespread use of aluminum strips as faux icicles. Why anyone would have the stuff laying around ready to sell cheaply before that seems unlikely.

  3. Mark Stahl
    Mark Stahl at · · Reply

    Happy Festivus from Altoona Pa