It’s Always Time for Festivus


Geoff Kayber from New Brunswick, Canada has celebrated Festivus with his in-laws for several years… and this past weekend was no different, as family and friends came together from from three different Canadian provinces to a gathering in Summerside, Prince Edward Island .

“My wife, Tara and her family have officially celebrated a ‘Festivus for the rest of us’ for the last 6 years,” Geoff explained. “Friends and family from all over make the drive to attend, feast, and air their grievances. Festivus usually involves a turkey dinner and yes we did air some grievances. This year’s grievance theme was Wills & Power of Attorney related to Tara’s father, who is a cross between Frank Costanza & Homer Simpson.”

Geoff Kayber: Here is a picture of my wife, son, and nephew with the Festivus Pole... What did I marry into???
Geoff Kayber: Here is a picture of my wife, son, and nephew with the Festivus Pole… What did I marry into???

Yes!  In the true spirit of the O’Keefe family, the Maxfields do not wait until a certain date (23 December) to have a Festivus gathering. As we are all aware, Festivus can occur at any time of the year.  To the Maxfields, November is the perfect time to have a moment for “the rest of us”, just before the busy holiday season begins.

Referring to the photo on the right, we commented how the Maxfield family Feats of Strength tradition appears to be “a mock wrestling match over the Festivus pole”. Geoff quickly responded, “You would be correct. He (or she) that is proclaimed the winner wins, well nothing, as this is all about a non-commercialized celebration of a non-traditional, non-holiday. Essentially a chance for family and friends near and far to get together before the hustle ‘n bustle of the over commercialized holiday season.”

Here’s to Geoff and the entire Maxfield family who are able to use Festivus as another reason to get together.  Thanks for letting us share in your celebration of friends and family.

A final chuckle… Geoff added: “My son (the shirtless one in the photo) told his teacher, when asked what he did over the weekend, that he was at his Gram’s and celebrated Festivus.”


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  1. Marian Curran
    Marian Curran at · · Reply

    This is part of my family tradition. My crazy family who celebrates a made up Jewish holiday from a popular TV show at Remembrance Day weekend and it resembles a typical family Christmas get together. But we wouldn’t miss it for the world. See you next year Geoff and cousin Tara.

  2. Aunt Goldie
    Aunt Goldie at · · Reply

    Yes, Festivus at the Maxfields’ is always after Rememberance Day, and most often 3 days on PEI, and many laughs, a tear or 2. But none of us would dream of missing it.

    We all show up with our contributions to the meal, the fun and laughter. A great time is had by all. Geoff, this celebration is not for the faint of heart, but you and Eddie don’t fit that bill. We so do LOVE FESTIVUS .