It’s a Pole, It’s a Pole, It’s a Pole

With only 17 days remaining until Festivus, we are discovering Festivus poles are appearing here, there and everywhere. Here is a small sample of what we’ve seen!

 Sara Alice from Colorado Springs On Facebook, Sara Alice from Colorado Springs submitted a photo of her Festivus pole, and it’s a five-foot beauty with a home-made base. “This is how we decided to decorate since we are moving in like two weeks!” Sara added.

When asked about the hat on the pole, Sara explained, “It’s a top hat, so we thought it added a certain air of formality to an already important Festivus.”

Of course!  It does make the pole seem more formal.  Maybe adding a cape and a cane would make it even better?

Sara, thanks for sharing your beautiful pole.  Happy Festivus!

Cindy Taylor
On Facebook, Cindy Taylor declared Sanford, NC as a town with it’s own Festivus pole! Located right beside the Micky D’s on US 1, the Festivus pole does resemble a rather large flagpole.

Meh… doesn’t matter.  A flagpole can always double as a Festivus pole, but a Festivus pole can never be a flagpole.  Works for us!


@ruthpn on Twitter
Over on Twitter, @ruthpn reports that she is shopping for a Festivus pole.  Nice selection!

It reminds me of shopping for a Christmas tree as a child, so many from which to choose, each with its own pros and cons. It was always a big decision, and we hope a Festivus pole found itself a new home at Ruth’s place.



Black Raven Brewing twitter feed
On the Black Raven Brewing twitter feed, they’ve revealed their brewing secret: A giant Festivus pole that has sprouted from a wooden cask.  Just like “Jack in the Beanstalk”, if you climb the pole you’ll find yourself in a magical world filled with bottles of their Festivus Holiday Ale.  It’s a Festivus Miracle!



Twitter user Jeff Gabbard
Last but not least, Twitter user Jeff Gabbard reports someone stole his  “Al Roker TV Guide”.  But rest assured, the remainder of his collection is complete and ready for Festivus.  Another Festivus Miracle!

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