Happy Festivus Eve

Happy Festivus Eve! Today, we have a roundup of pre-Festivus activity: A Festivus pole on a cherry wood base, a solemn wish from Darwin Australia, Festivus cheer from Eugene and Indonesia, a grievance against Apple, a message from Festivus fan Steve Joiner and an Elf squatting on the Beefaroni.

Only one day to Festivus!

Via Facebook, Rob Reid has pointed out how his auto-correct does not recognize “Festivus”. Now we all have a grievance against Apple. Happy Festivus Rob!

Via Facebook, Leslie Durst-Gillespie‎ reports they are having a Festivus Eve potluck today at work. Meatloaf, Babka, black & white Cookies and more! Even their Elf on the Shelf is squatting on the Beef-a-reeno, which he mischievously changed to Beefaroni. Happy Festivus Leslie, Elfie and others!


Via Facebook, Mike Burns reports a “Very Hubud Festivus” event held at Hubud Co-working space in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – complete with bamboo Festivus Pole (very high strength to weight ratio), a screening of “The Strike”, and Airing of Grievances. If you’ve never heard of Mike before, I should tell you that he was the “grip” on the Seinfeld set who erected Frank’s Festivus pole back in 1997 when they shot “The Strike”. (It’s in “Festivus! the Book“) Happy Festivus Mike and the gang in Indonesia!


Via Facebook, Phil Brocklesby‎ posted a quaint photo of his 1/2″ aluminum beauty set on a handmade Cherry base. I could look at this all day. Happy Festivus Phil!


Via Facebook, Steve Joiner posted a self-portrait of himself and his Festivus pole. Steve’s Festivus message is people should people just “do it”, open themselves up to a new holiday and don’t buy into the commercial trap. Just do like the great Frank Costanza did! PS. Steve also finds tinsel distracting. Happy Festivus Steve!


Via Facebook, Daniel Koss posted a photo of his recent Festivus party where the faces of the main characters of Seinfeld also attended. They’re always having fun in Eugene, Oregon. Happy Festivus Dan and the gang!


Last but not least, via Facebook from Darwin Australia, Michael Hall would like to wish, “the solemn serenity of Festivus to be with you all.” Happy Festivus Michael!


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    hey cool

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    Happy Festivus Eve to all!