Festivus with a Sizeable Serving of Seinfeld

Anyone care to re-create Fusilli Jerry?

If you’ve read “Festivus! The Book” you might recall Michelle, The Seinfeld uber-fan who hosted a Festivus party which was chock-a-block full of Seinfeld references.

Today, I can report that Michelle hasn’t given up.  In fact, she has upped her game. Her most recent Festivus gathering had an even greater amount of Seinfeldism.

“We had our Festivus dinner party last Sunday evening with 20 guests,” Michelle declared. “We had a menu of ‘make your own pizza pie’, mulligatawny soup, ‘I❤️U’ matzo ball soup, marble rye, vile weeds and dip, snickers with forks, junior mints, black & white cookies, and cinnamon babka.”

#1 Dad

“Activities included a Seinfeld trivia contest, the Festivus board game, a make your own pasta figurines, a hole in one golf ball toss game and a re-gift exchange,” Michelle added.

Did you get all the Seinfeld references? It literally boggles the mind.  When asked if she had counted the number of Seinfeld references she packed into the event she replied with a total of twenty-seven.

You might be surprised to note that she even included a Tropic of Cancer reference in her calculation. “One of my friends, who is a librarian, brought ‘Tropic Of Cancer’ with a library card in it as her re-gift item. I thought that was genius.”

(A Seinfeld fan will tell you that Tropic of Cancer is the book that Jerry was accused of having overdue from the Library since 1971.)

Michelle even located a #1 Dad t-shirt for her Seinfeld fanatic father to wear to the party.  For his sake, at least it was the correct size.

Will there be a party next year? “Yes,” Michelle confirmed. “I already have new ideas for next year. It’s the 20th anniversary. I’ve got to go big!”

Happy Festivus Michelle. Thanks for sharing!

(We have included a photo collage of Michelle’s party below.)

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  1. Peter
    Peter at · · Reply

    MOOPS! I forgot about that.

    We make sure we can ‘double-dip’ btw.

    Anyway. I’m sure I’m living in the wrong country. I’m with you in spirit.