Festivus Miracles are All Around Us

Festivus Miracles continue to appear in people’s lives every year around Festivus-time. Usually the appearances are just as lame and as forced as Kramer’s miracles, however, when people use the phrase “It’s a Festivus Miracle” just about anything may seem special. So, we tend to use it often!

Down-under drinking a down-easter beer

Tony Sinclair is celebrating Festivus by drinking a New England IPA in Adelaide, Australia? This must be one of the first Festivus Miracles!

The Miracle of Festivus on the Las Vegas Strip

Pesci Sutta from Las Vegas sent a photo of a billboard by the “United Church of Bacon” praising the upcoming holidays… including Festivus. Another Festivus miracle!

Mmmm bacon…. Pesci  pointed out it’s an atheist church that makes a point of celebrating bacon.  Something many of use can get behind. Seems extra miraculous.

Drove my Chevy to Festivus Levee

John Evans from Central Michigan, posted pics of his Chevy with a Festivus license plate and a pole mounted in the rear window. John claims he garners plenty of attention, mostly by people trying to take a picture of his car. The fact that the stodgy DMV allowed him to have such a plate is definitively another Festivus miracle!

It’s just a tall pole

Tom pointed out that Festivus poles are taller in Montana. Really? Apparently, it is twenty-two feet tall! Another Festivus miracle!

Have a Hip-O-Festivus

Duxoop wants everyone to have a “Hip-O-Festivus” through his witty parody of the Gayla Perry standard “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” We asked Duxoop if he is available to perform at Festivus parties, but he is all booked up this year. Next year is still up for grabs! Another Festivus miracle!

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