Mark Nelson

It’s Always Time for Festivus

It's Always Time for Festivus

Geoff Kayber from New Brunswick, Canada has celebrated Festivus with his in-laws for several years… and this past weekend was no different, as family and friends came together from from three different Canadian provinces to a gathering in Summerside, Prince Edward Island . “My wife, Tara and her family have officially celebrated a ‘Festivus for the…

Round and Round the Festivus Pole

Round and Round the Festivus Pole

It’s Friday and there’s only 11 days to Festivus!  We’d like to take a little time and do a roundup of what is going on in realm of Festivus. First order of business!  We’ve got more poles to show you!  Second order of business is dessert!  PS. It’s down at the bottom of the page if…