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A Rollicking Good Festivus in Eugene, Oregon

A Rollicking Good Festivus in Eugene, Oregon

The 2015 Festivus event even came with its own promo video. For Eugene, Oregon resident Dan Koss, Festivus represents a rollicking good time surrounded by amazing friends. For the past five years he and a group of like-minded individuals have gotten together for a traditional Festivus party. “Most of the same people, same pole, same…

Lynn’s Family Festivus

Lynn's Family Festivus

Last year, something happened to Lynn’s family that changed them in a deep and profound way.  They celebrated Festivus. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration… To be clear, Lynn’s family also celebrates Christmas, but for one evening last year Lynn ensconced the Christmas tree in a black “shroud” and her husband Dave put up an unadorned…

It’s Always Time for Festivus

It's Always Time for Festivus

Geoff Kayber from New Brunswick, Canada has celebrated Festivus with his in-laws for several years… and this past weekend was no different, as family and friends came together from from three different Canadian provinces to a gathering in Summerside, Prince Edward Island . “My wife, Tara and her family have officially celebrated a ‘Festivus for the…