Airing of Grievances – Festivus 2018

Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe… … I lost my train of thought.

Air Your Grievances!  It’s Festivus time and this is the place to let it fly.

Sorry. Grievances are now closed.

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113 Responses

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  1. Newman
    Newman at ·

    People stop looking at phone walking down stairs.

  2. Not George
    Not George at ·

    24 hour news programs that create phony outrage when nothing really newsworthy happened that day.

  3. Maximilian Thanksamillion
    Maximilian Thanksamillion at ·

    I have a major problem with the one percent narcissists.i despise the liars and the margin of error in my work to pay ratio. More than that I can’t stand the level of stupidity at my workplace.

  4. Chad Vaughn
    Chad Vaughn at ·

    I’m tired of hearing about gender reveal partys. I think they’re bonkos.

  5. Len
    Len at ·

    Co-workers that ask you advice BUT DON’T FOLLOW IT!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Donald Trump…
    ‘nuf said

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Purple hair is for My Little Pony figures, Ramona, not grown women pretending to be competent at anything!

  8. On my bike
    On my bike at ·

    Stop idling your car for like 10 minutes before you get in and drive off. It is a total waste of gas, polluting, noisy, and does not help your engine!

  9. Happy Festivus
    Happy Festivus at ·

    If parents would discipline their children at home, would mean I don’t have to do it at Walmart. Do you job!!!

  10. Jimmie
    Jimmie at ·

    Don’t say “Oh” when you mean “Zero”!

  11. Gilligan
    Gilligan at ·

    Why do we need to ruin a scenic overlook with a sign that say’s “Stay Back”? Can’t we just let Natural Selection do its job?

  12. Tess
    Tess at ·

    Respect matters. Every year I cook. This year, I wanted to eat out. This year, I am cooking. Again. Chateaubriand topped with onion strings, sautéed mushrooms glazed with red wine, and scalloped potatoes. All I asked is that they dress for dinner. My part will take a couple hours, theirs maybe 15 minutes. Okay, 20 minutes for black-tie optional. I think that’s reasonable, but no. It is too much effort. (I get the last laugh – no f**king dessert for them!)

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I’m out of bagels!

  14. Andrea Doria
    Andrea Doria at ·

    I don’t get the whole hole-y jeans fashion thing. I work at a school and I saw someone wearing a pair of jeans that was more holes than jeans…I started to ask her if her family was struggling to buy new clothes, then I realized that as a teacher she made a decent enough salary….

  15. G. Szilagyi
    G. Szilagyi at ·

    I got a lot of problems with you people! Now, you’re gonna hear about’em…
    I detest having to share my office with the most bitter, impulsive and mean woman that no one in our department and whole workplace can stand.

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Trump is still president

  17. Bock Moyes
    Bock Moyes at ·

    Greg Gordon dropped the game winning pass in April 1987

  18. Richard Desmond Ray Simmons
    Richard Desmond Ray Simmons at ·

    I’m sick of you people and your medications! Change your diet and get off your fat asses and vigorously exercise! You’re brainwashed by the medical professsion who kill way too many dumbasses who blindly believe anything a doctor says. RX kills baby!!!

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I have a lot of issues with you people! In particular, the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency, which has decided to punish people with legitimate pain issues by making sure they have to jump through a million hoops in order to get their medication. That’s my top grievance for today although I’m sure I can come up with others.

  20. Hank
    Hank at ·

    All you people out in public in your pajamas! It needs to stop! Have a bit of pride!

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