Airing of Grievances – Festivus 2018

Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe… … I lost my train of thought.

Air Your Grievances!  It’s Festivus time and this is the place to let it fly.

To Air a Grievance, simply fill out the “LEAVE A REPLY” form below.

  • Name and email are OPTIONAL.  Leave them blank if you wish, or include a fake name such as “NO ELAINE.”
  • All posts are moderated.  We won’t approve anything that is libelous, inflammatory, racist etc.
  • Have fun!

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46 Responses

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  1. Elaine Took Mine
    Elaine Took Mine at · · Reply

    People eating crunchy food in a quiet room. For the love of the grumpy go outside.

  2. Elaine
    Elaine at · · Reply

    Don’t use the indicators on your Audi. It confuses other motorists. They expect it to rain jellybabies first.

  3. Jerry
    Jerry at · · Reply

    You know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation: the holding. Anybody can just take them.

  4. Janet
    Janet at · · Reply

    Get off your can and take care of yourself!J

  5. Not Master of My Domain
    Not Master of My Domain at · · Reply

    Serenity now! We need a divorce. Not only are you a hipster doofus but you are ALSO going bald. Results are in… FAT! Also, I see your act daily and I just can’t be with a man I don’t respect. What are you doing with yourself? Divorce though? Kinda harsh… but what do I care though? I’m not the one going to hell. All my car presets are Christian radio. High five! Oh… and our little girl does look like Lyndon Johnson. Time is up ya soup Nazi. I’m ready to say NEXT! Perhaps move on to a juicy Makinaw peach. SERENITY NOW. (Insanity later).

  6. Larry
    Larry at · · Reply

    Pet Peeves:
    1. When making a right or left turn, please do not swing out into the left or right lane in order to make said turn. You do not have to do that.
    2.Driving 20 miles under the speed limit in the left lane.
    3. Stores that decorate for a particular holiday months ahead of said holiday.
    4. My husband who leaves his dirty socks like a trail of breadcrumbs around the house for the LAST THIRTY YEARS

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    When did the exclamation point become obligatory to express a positive sentiment? Without it, replies and requests now sound flat or outright dismissive.

    “I passed that suggestion on to Rob.”
    “Thanks.” compared to “Thanks!”

    “Can you help get the equipment ready for the presentation?”
    “Sure.” compared to “Sure!”

    I want to know who is responsible for this unnecessary and artificially cheerful nuisance punctuation fad!!!!!

  8. Sarah
    Sarah at · · Reply

    My teenager has no ambition!

  9. Sarah ❤
    Sarah ❤ at · · Reply

    Quit calling any politician/ celebrity who is having trouble due to their own dumb behavior embattled!

  10. Especially the parents
    Especially the parents at · · Reply

    My in-laws are the worst

  11. The fast talker
    The fast talker at · · Reply

    People do not know how to merge!

  12. Mel taylor
    Mel taylor at · · Reply

    The bedsheets in my motel room were tucked too tightly.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    When people can’t just be truthful about their feelings

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    My office is relocating right in the big middle of the holidays. Packing/moving is the worst.

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    She had a football shaped goiter jutting out of her neck. They should tell you up front, height, weight, goiter. Going in blindly with out goiter information is not cool.

  16. George
    George at · · Reply

    The dingo ate YR baby !!

  17. Jeff
    Jeff at · · Reply

    My wife lost weight and now I have to lose weight. Why couldn’t she stay fat?

  18. Not Kramer
    Not Kramer at · · Reply

    You left my butter up on the roof!

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    I wish my belt-less trenchcoat had a belt.

  20. Elaine
    Elaine at · · Reply

    My horse had to be shot.

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