Airing of Grievances – Festivus 2018

Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe… … I lost my train of thought.

Air Your Grievances!  It’s Festivus time and this is the place to let it fly.

To Air a Grievance, simply fill out the “LEAVE A REPLY” form below.

  • Name and email are OPTIONAL.  Leave them blank if you wish, or include a fake name such as “NO ELAINE.”
  • All posts are moderated.  We won’t approve anything that is libelous, inflammatory, racist etc.
  • Have fun!

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46 Responses

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  1. Cinnamon Babka
    Cinnamon Babka at · · Reply

    I’ve got a lot of problems with you people! Stop sharing your opinions, everyone already has their own and no one cares! Don’t worry about what I’m doing; I’m fine and I didn’t ask you for anything anyway! Spend some time minding your own business for once! Stop being offended about things that don’t concern you (that includes my choice of pants, Frank!)

  2. Michael McKinley
    Michael McKinley at · · Reply

    Why isn’t schnapps listed under beverages!? It’s the key to the vault!

  3. Andres
    Andres at · · Reply

    Dear future kid of mine:
    You‘re not even born yet and you already dissapointed me, how is it that you‘re so picky with food?? You eat whatever your mom wants to eat!! And what‘s that of moving so much in the echo? Don‘t be a brat and stop showing your ass to the doctor! Is that a middle finger you just did?, kiddo, we‘ll have a serious talk about respect when you‘re out of that womb!!!!!

  4. Jerry' Psyche
    Jerry' Psyche at · · Reply

    Why is it, everytime I reach for a jar in the refrigerator, then it happens, the jar of mayonnaise drops on the floor. Why? Because you people can’t tighten a lid. I feel as though making a sandwich is dependent on my skills at the coin operated crane childs game at Denny’s.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at · · Reply

    Your inability to accept evidence in hand and delay the tests because you don’t want more people in your life, has driven me insane. Stop being so damn uppity.

  6. Keith
    Keith at · · Reply

    Here’s mine. During the holidays you were basically relegated to the kids table. Oh, how you longed to one day make it to the adult table. Then you realize it was much more fun to be little!

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