Airing of Grievances – Festivus 2017

Kruger, you couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe… … I lost my train of thought.

Air Your Grievances!  It’s Festivus time and this is the place to let it fly.

Sorry. Grievances are now closed.

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141 Responses

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    People who drive slow in the fast lane. It is a fast lane for a reason people!!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    People who won’t go after the light turns green. Usually do to them playing around on their cell phones

  3. Shannon
    Shannon at ·

    I hate it when people are driving in the left fast lane and go slow. Move over and get out of my way!!

  4. Hugh Jean O'Neil
    Hugh Jean O'Neil at ·

    A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus. Fix it.

  5. Bigboy McFoolahan
    Bigboy McFoolahan at ·

    People who think being loud is funny, please stop.

  6. Huey D.
    Huey D. at ·

    I don’t like it when people with strollers think they own the whole aisle in a friggin store. That makes me so MAD.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    It really bothers me when people don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there.

  8. Seán C
    Seán C at ·

    Why did everybody decide to get their car washed today?? This queue is crazy! What’s the matter with people??

  9. Batman
    Batman at ·

    I have a problem with fart fans being above your head when you are sitting on a toilet!

  10. Elaine
    Elaine at ·

    Loud chewers. I can’t stand you. You make me ill.

  11. Carol Turso
    Carol Turso at ·

    I have a problem with people that don’t like Seinfeld !! Get over yourself and just watch and love it !!

  12. Jeff
    Jeff at ·

    When it’s Festivus eve and you’ve got a broken tooth and you can’t get in to see a dentist because they’re having one of their wild, swingin orgies. You might just become an anti-dentite.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I made a Festivus pole for my neighbor yesterday and stuck it in his yard. He didn’t even thank me or say Happy Festivus !!!

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    The guy who is dicking me around, like tell me you want me or tell me that you don’t! either way i’ll be able to do something instead of be in this awkard limbo stage hearing from you when it’s only convenient to you!!!! please. by next festivus i would rather grieve about politics or something more important than a guy who makes me sleep on the bottom bunk after sex.

  15. Pet Peave
    Pet Peave at ·

    I have a bone to pick with all the people that say “No Problem” after someone says “Thank You” to them! The proper response to “Thank You” is “You’re Welcome”! Geez people, manners 101! The context that you would say “No Problem” in would be if someone says ” I don’t want that to be any trouble or something similar and one would say “Oh it’s No Problem”.

  16. Ted
    Ted at ·

    I hate trump. I am so disappointed in the American people. So sad!!!

  17. Flick
    Flick at ·

    Fired by Boss for daring to drop a few hours of employment to take on a volunteer Job at the RSPCA.

  18. Barroncy Trompoeil
    Barroncy Trompoeil at ·

    I’m tired of hearing about how tough poor people have it. Papa is very wealthy, and he says that poor people are poor because they just don’t want to work as hard as he does.

    Grandpapa is also very wealthy, and he says the same thing. So I know they must both be right.

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I am tired of people who do not take responsibility for themselves and blame everyone else for their misfortune. Grow up and get a flippin life.

  20. Mel taylor
    Mel taylor at ·

    I hate that Henry Cavill’s face was messed up with CGI in Justice League! Tragic! Like graffiti on the Mona Lisa!

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