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  1. Bobbi
    Bobbi at ·

    Why is it when I want many ice cubes it takes forever to get just one, but when I only want one ice cube a whole bunch comes out immediately.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I work in a health club. We are closed but 1 day a year Christmas Day and yet the only thing I hear all day on Dec 24th is ” But why are you closed what am I suppose to do?”
    I feel like saying keep the F**in cookie out of your mouth until Dec 26th asshole!!

  3. Vegantravel
    Vegantravel at ·

    I have been vegan for over 30 years and for the past 30 years have heard the same stupid statements.
    As a response to you mentioning that you’re vegan: “I could never be vegan.”
    You don’t feel well? Maybe you should eat a cheeseburger!
    When people say: “How do you know if somebody is vegan? They’ll tell you.”
    The ultra-common and over-used: “But where do you get your [insert ANY vitamin/nutrient here]?
    I don’t like that kind of food.
    This is another one that’s hard to respond to because the statement doesn’t make any sense at all. If you ask, “What kind of food?” people respond with some colorful reference to vegan food like “rabbit food” or “all that fake vegan stuff.” So meat-eaters don’t eat bread? Sushi? Sandwiches? Nachos? Burgers? French fries? Chips? Cookies? Ice cream? Pasta? Soup? Salad? Cereal? Waffles? Fruit? Oh wait! Yes, they do.
    When people ask you, “Why are you vegetarian/vegan?
    You don’t drink milk? But dairy is so good for you!
    So I guess it’s hard to find food. What do you eat at restaurants?
    You must eat a lot of tofu. I couldn’t do that. Tofu is gross.
    When people tell you that their “friend went vegan and got really sick, so they had to start eating meat again.
    We were born to be carnivores.
    But you’re still killing plants.
    You still eat fish, right?
    What’s the point of eating fake meat? Why wouldn’t you just eat real meat?”
    Hitler was a vegetarian

  4. Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien at ·

    When I let you in on the road and don’t get my obligatory wave I lose my shit

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    People who leave their shopping cart in the middle of a crowed supermarket isle while they read the ingredients on a box of cornflakes.

    People who get in their car after purchasing gas and just sit there when there’s a line of cars behind them.

    People who write a check to pay for a coke.

    Mean people.

    Pretty much anything President Obama says or does.

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at ·

      people who can’t spell “aisle” correctly.

  6. Tree Hugger
    Tree Hugger at ·

    People who hate getting passed on the right, driving in the left lane when no one is near them. People who put signs on their lawn saying “it’s ok to say Merry Christmas” who are offended if you say happy holidays. All the conservative tv/radio stations that run 24/7 with employees putting bumper stickers on their cars that say “don’t believe the liberal media!” People who fly don’t tread on me flags after voting twice for the president who signed into law The Patriot Act which allows the FBI to search your home when you are not there and don’t have to tell you they were there. This “so called” president said if you don’t have anything to hide you should be ok with the search. Pharmaceutical/Health Insurance lobbyists who pay millions to lawmakers to make sure the Affordable Health Care Act is so bad they can call it Obama Care. Blaming Obama for anything tragic.

    1. Plow my damn street
      Plow my damn street at ·

      I gotta tell you, the:

      “If you don’t have anything to hide, why can’t we search”

      line has been used so much, and that really erks me. Even before patriot act this was the go-to reasoning for anyone trying to look into something they otherwise don’t have any just cause looking into. Often, the refusal to search was used as justification to search because clearly someone is hiding something. It’s like, “because I live in America dumbass, that’s why you can’t just search my shiz whenever you want!”

      Also the whole, “messing up everything Obama tries to do and then blaming him when it doesn’t work” thing the republican senate and congress have been pulling is just plain stupid. How do you not see it when that is happening? Oh that’s right, because it’s reported by the “liberal media” and everything they say is “lies” – said the liars….

      Ok, so on to one of my own here:

      When the snow plows plow the little road in the cemetery two blocks away from my house, where (obviously) no one lives, before they plow my street so I can get to work in the morning. I know my street is small; save me for last, fine, whatevs. But seriously? Who needs the cemetery to be plowed first thing in the morning, when you haven’t even plowed out all the people who could be potentially visiting the place?

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I’m working Christmas Eve by myself today!!! Everyone in my office is off except me! Some of these people don’t even cook or host a Christmas Eve party. I had to prep food last night, clean the house, get up for work and then proceed to go home to a house full of relatives tonight. And yet I’m the one who has to work today. Ain’t happening next year!!! Next year I’m taking the day off. TFB!!

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    People who are offended at everything;
    The boss and his methods of operations;
    Certain NFL entities who shall remain nameless

  9. Kyra Walton Reid
    Kyra Walton Reid at ·

    My grievance is against idiots who stand in line with one or two things at the grocery store but don’t move up so I can start putting groceries on the conveyor belt. Seriously happened twice this week. One person was buying 1 coke, the other two cheese sticks. And they stood behind the conveyor belt like jackasses while I waited behind them with a full grocery cart. Even when they were being checked out they still didn’t move. I also take issue with jerks who abuse or neglect animals in their care, customer service reps for North American companies who don’t speak or understand English, and people not doing their jobs.

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I can’t stand people who complain about being fat yet they constantly dine at places like Burger King and McDonalds. I have no sympathy whatsoever

  11. amandahgnks
    amandahgnks at ·

    The biggest grievance of the year! Han Solo! Festivus is ruined. That is all.

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Sick of lazy people at work who complain constantly about being overwhelmed.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Tired of family members who are constantly gaslighting me. Noatter what memory or opinion i share i get told thats not how it happened or you are wrong. My favorites are when the other person wasn’t even present at the said memory.

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    I can’t stand Donald Trump. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders so much for politics. Oh I can’t stand politics and politicians!

    I can’t stand people who say they’re your friend but you’re the only who always has to make the effort to do anything… you have to chase them and then they wonder why you won’t tell you what’s on their mind. You can’t trust them with your thoughts if you don’t even think they’re really interested in having a friendship with you. You’re an option and you’ll always be an option.

  15. StrangeDz
    StrangeDz at ·

    I think my dentist is collecting my teeth. Everytime I go in, I find I have another loose or cracked tooth! She’s pulled 3 this year! I started asking for them. That will thwart her doings!

  16. Fiona
    Fiona at ·

    my grievances:
    Hillary Clinton
    Bernie Sanders
    husband snoring loudly knowing it annoys me.
    traffic, traffic, traffic!!!
    slow drivers, people who text while driving, jeez, put the phone down!
    it can wait, dammit! don’t jeopardize my safety and yours because of your hectic lifestyle.

  17. Andrew D.
    Andrew D. at ·

    my grievance is having to wait in long lines for everything, I hate having to wait, life is too short, you only live once.

  18. Nancy L. Denison
    Nancy L. Denison at ·

    I hate how no one around me takes this “Festivus” holiday seriously.
    I have a problem with right wing conservatives, including Donald Trump.
    I hate having to go to work on this day of Festivus.

    1. Mo Gee
      Mo Gee at ·

      Nancy- i agreeeeeeee! I am taking Festivus seriously! I am with you!

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