A Technicolor Running Coat, a Meatloaf so Beautiful it was Devoured, and more

People are beginning to celebrate Festivus 2016, and it looks like a plenty of fun. Today we go around the web with Festivus, and manage to include the four major parts of the celebration: The Festivus pole, Festivus dinner, Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength.  It’s a Festivus Miracle!


Festivus5k posted a photo of runner #102 dressed as Kramer wearing a dazzling technicolor dreamcoat. Beautiful!


1heatherj is accepting challengers for the Feats of Strength, which may or may include the act of eating fresh, hot cinnamon rolls.


sergiogaribi posted a photo of a meatloaf so beautiful it became an object of extreme adoration… just before it was devoured.

#festivus #Huachinango

A photo posted by Sergio Garibi Harper Cabral (@sergiogaribi) on


joebeancoffeebar Tells the story of a Feats of Strength to determine who is the head of the baristas.


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